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Clyde Dog


So they deserve the best, right? At least, that’s what we think. Clyde Dog Treats were first created for Clyde, our speedster pup. He brings so much joy to our life. Why not bring some joy to his? So we started making him treats. The all-natural, healthy kind, using only the good stuff: organic, Northwest-sourced ingredients that are preservative-free and non-GMO, without any artificial flavoring or coloring.

We started out making apple treats. Then sweet potato. And banana. Until we had found our favorite lineup which you see here today! The best part: Clyde - our Chief Tasting Officer - thinks they’re super yummy. At least, he wags his tail like crazy when he sees our treats. Which is Clyde-speak for “That’s delicious. Give me some more right now pleaseohplease thankyouiloveyou!”

He was so happy, in fact, that we started making them for your dog, too. Because let’s face it: dogs are the best!

- Christie